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Moms for Milk

Moms for Milk is a community breastfeeding group that provides support to mothers who want to breastfeed. We also help break the isolation during the pre- and postnatal periods ensuring that their breastfeeding experience is highly positive.


Moms for Milk promotes, protects and supports breastfeeding for women and their families. Our mission is to promote breastfeeding, to welcome parents in their decision to breastfeed and support them in their efforts, and support new parents in their parenting role. In addition, we seek to protect breastfeeding in our society by respecting the right to breastfeed and the marketing code for breast-milk substitutes.


Our services cover Brossard, Saint-Lambert, Greenfield Park, and Le Moyne. We offer services in french and english. Some of our support moms also provide services in other languages.

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L’allaitement maternel exclusif est recommandé pendant les six premiers mois. Il est souhaitable de poursuivre celui-ci jusqu’à deux ans ou plus, accompagné d’aliments complémentaires appropriés. L’allaitement maternel est important sur le plan nutritionnel. En plus d’assurer une protection immunologique, il favorise la croissance et le développement chez les nourrissons et les jeunes enfants.

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